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R&D Engineering Solutions

Unique design solutions with advanced technology for your needs

Mechanical Design Services

Senstec engineers determine solution proposals together with teamwork. We can develop and present the most suitable engineering solutions with computer aided CAD designs and technical drawings.

Project Consultancy Service

The Senstech team provides end-to-end quality services in the writing, management and financing of R&D projects.

About Senstec

SENSTEC R&D is a technology company supported by the TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) 1512 Techno-enterprise program. SENSTEC produces innovative, high-tech R&D engineering solutions and designs for its customers in the field of sensor technologies and liquid measurement systems, including application-specific solutions. We develop our technologies not only to collect valuable data but also to facilitate the processing of this data and its transfer to customers’ management information systems.

Our Technology


    • The optical dissolved oxygen sensor is used to precisely monitor the dissolved oxygen level in water applications.


    • Our sensor is the first domestically produced dissolved oxygen sensor that is expected to be commercialized.

    • Our product includes the latest technological developments. Disadvantages such as not being able to take measurements due to blockages in the sensor will be avoided.

Senstec Implements 7 Sustainable Development Goals​

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